Some questions, which may arise if/when offered a roster spot.

Q: When will final rosters be selected for the 2024-2025 season?

A: It will vary by age group.  As of now, our 12U program is full.  Things could change, but we do not go out of our way to change our rosters.  From 8u-11U, it varies, with the 8s and 9s being wide open and possible movement happening in the 10U and 11U age group.

Q: When is the Federals season?

A: The season runs from August (or July 28th this year), through our final tournament in mid to late November.  We are usually in a tournament every other weekend, with Sunday practices on the off weekends.  Starting in mid-August, we will also hit once a week.

Q: Who makes a Federals team.

A: Players are chosen based on skill level, as well as need for a particular team.  We look for ATHLETES who we can help become ball players.  We will have 11 teams in ages 8-13 age group.  The top “Blue” team usually consists of the best 2-3 players from their rec-ball leagues.  Our “Red” players are usually the next best players from their league.  This is all very general, as some leagues produce better ball-players than others. Covid has had a significant affect on skill levels for the last few years.

Q: How are/were players evaluated?

A: First, many of the roster spots were filled from previous years.  We are not in the habit of cutting players, so ideally we form a second team to make sure the players and program have a good “fit”.  We will run workouts starting in February and will see a lot of kids on the field.  Additionally, during the All-Star season we go to many fields to look for talent.  At the workouts, there are SOME obvious “no’s” and some obvious “yes” players as to whether or not they are Fed material.  Those players are the easy ones to evaluate.  It’s the tweeners that are more difficult as we build our rosters.

Q: If my son was on a team last year, is he guaranteed a spot on the same team?
A: No, Covid has had a significant affect on the baseball landscape over the last few years and we are just starting to get back to normal.  Players have been selected in the past, based on tryouts and availability.  Over the past few years, some players were playing on Majors level teams, in Majors level tournaments, whose current abilities weren’t quite at that level.  We will be reshuffling this year, and likely in future years so players are playing in the levels that have been designed to be a good fit.  A player moved from a Blue team to a Red team will likely see playing time at positions that are a better fit.  It is probable that players who were on the team in a prior year will not make a team this year.  Players progress at different times in their careers, so it may not be a good fit at this time.  There is still plenty of baseball for your ball player.It is difficult as a program director to make these moves, as friendships have been made, but we also think long-term and the best for your son is playing at the level that matches his abilities.  I am confident that each team will have a ton of success at the different levels.

Q: How much does it cost to play for the Federals?

A: There is no set amount, as there are many factors.  Fees are divided by the number of players on a roster, which is usually 11-12 players.  For 2024, the estimated fee will be around $1900 for the season, which does not include team uniforms, or travel expenses for each individual family.  It could be more, hopefully it will be less. In general, we usually play at Twin Creeks, In Sunnyvale, or in the “Valley” (consisting of Manteca and Stockton areas.  With the current travel ball landscape in limbo, as past teams have folded, or are retooling, the final schedule has not been completed.  If there are not local tourneys, we may have to travel further, such as to Fresno, Sacramento or beyond. We are well aware that travel ball expenses can be prohibitive and try to stay local as much as possible.  Players are not required to stay overnight for tourneys.  A drive to Manteca is about an hour and 15 minutes long, which is not bad!  All or most teams will be traveling to the Desert Fall Classic in Las Vegas, as we do every year.  Upon being offered a spot on the team, a $1500.00 deposit will be required to get started, as well as an approximate fee of $150.00,  to cover 2 jerseys, socks, a hat, and practice jersey.  The balance of fees due will be collected towards the end of the season, once all expenses have been figured out.

Q: Can my son participate in other sports during the Feds season?

A: Yes, but players must make Feds events their priority, including practices.  We instruct at a VERY high level.  It takes years to learn through our baseball immersion.  Our season is set up to not interfere with parochial school basketball, as well as Next Level football, and rec baseball.

Q: What if my son does not make a Federals team?
A: IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!  In general, I would say the Federals are one of the top 3 programs in Northern California, which makes making a Federals team highly competitive.  A lot has to do with physicality right now, or just how much baseball a kid has played at this point in their baseball lives.  We also “project” what a player will look like years down the line.  It is a long journey and I can honestly say that there are plenty of kids who have not made Federal teams but have gone on to play at a high level.  It does take work, but putting in the time is required in order for someone to improve.  We have a maximum of 12 spots per team; it just may not be in the cards for now!  Hopefully your son will take some of the drills that we have worked on and continues to work on them more.

If any of your questions were not covered, feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]