If you and your child are serious about baseball.  If you and your child are serious about receiving top of the line baseball instruction.  If you are looking for a program where the majority of coaches played at minimum college baseball – The Feds are the right place for you and your player.  Stats don’t lie.  While our #1 goal is to teach these players a higher level of baseball, the byproduct is a winning program!

A few notes on the selection process…  Selections are made based on our needs for each team.  Some teams only need one or two players, so if your child does not make it – it is not time to throw in the towel, or hang up their spikes.  Kids develop at different times.  A lot has to do with how physical they are at this point, as well as the particular needs for a specific team.

Players are placed on a team which best fits their needs and matches their skill level.  We have had two teams in most age groups.  Teams generally enter tournaments based on skill level, with the Blue team in Majors, Red in AAA, and White in AA.  The second two teams will likely reach the next level of competition before the season ends.

Families are expected to make a commitment to the program starting Sunday, July 30th through the end of November.  Players can play other sports, but must make the Feds their priority.  They are expected to be at every practice and tournament.  We will have a pre-season camp for the month of July.  We are looking for families who can sit on the outside of the fence, and allow the coaches to coach!

Helpful Hints for Tryouts (Things that turn off a coach, based on years of experience)

  1. Show up looking like a ball player–Jeans, shorts, a hat from Disneyland are not good ideas.  Look like a ball-player! Wearing a flat-billed cap makes you stand out…and not in a good way!
  2. Do not email us with your child’s stats!  They are irrelevant.
  3. Feel free to come to the tryout, but don’t stand at the fence and give your kid instructions.  Relax, don’t live and die with every play or non-play.
  4. Don’t show up and warm your child up while the rest of the kids are warming up with other players
  5. Don’t ask if their name will be on the back of the jersey, and then comment that this may be a deciding factor.
  6. Don’t tell us that they played “up” the previous year.  The majority of kids who play “up” play for bad teams.
  7. If your son looks like a player, there is a chance he is a ball player!

A general description of what type of player makes each team:

BLUE- Likely one of the top three players in their rec league, in their age group. 

Red- The next tier of player in their rec league, likely in the top 4-8 in their age group, or a top player with little or no tournament playing experience.

Age is based on your current age as of May 1st.  USE THIS LINK IF YOU NEED HELP FIGURING OUT WHAT AGE YOUR SON IS CONSIDERED FOR TRAVEL BASEBALL.  Click for the 2023 season to see what age your son will be as of today.  They will move up in age as of AUGUST 1st.

USSSA Age Calculator