Below you will see our 2023 West Coast Federals Rosters.  If your son’s name is on this list, they are a FED!  Congratulations please take care of the next steps, especially #1, #2, #3 in a timely fashion.  In addition to getting to run the best baseball program in Northern California, I also have a regular job!

1) Register here:  Registration       If you wish to pay by check, please click, “pay offline”.  Please click “no” for the camp insurance policy, this is just a scam to make money off of you. If you NEED TO make payments, just shoot me an email.

2) Order your practice gear at our store, which includes a shirt and a hat.  These will be distributed at practice, or when you come to have your son try on a jersey (a lot of kids have already done this).

3) Email me for the Feds “office” address so your son can come by and try on a jersey, and pick up his practice jersey.  Jerseys will be ordered on Sunday night!  For those of you out of town, we will have to guess, but I have a good idea on sizing now.  You may come by starting at 11:00 am today.

4) You will need to order a team helmet.  Order the WHITE/NAVY one.  You may purchase it here:  Buy the Helmet

5) While at Boombah, you may also purchase a team bat bag, this is not required.  Make sure you get the red/blue one, not the blue/red one.     Buy the bag

or this one, with wheels:

6) Purchase a navy blue and red belt if your son does not own one already.

7) Throw away all of the “drip” that your son has accumulated the last few years.


Our first practice is Sunday, July 30th.  I realize there are people who are on vacation, I get it!  Please email me if your son will not be at practice.  After today, you will start communicating with your son’s team coach.

Here is the practice schedule for this Sunday only:

9:00-11:00  11 Blue, 11 Red

11:00-1:00  9 Blue, 12 Red

1:00-3:00  10 Red, 10 Blue

3:00-5:00  11 White, 12 Blue

Once I get all players onto Teamsnap, I will send out A LOT of information.  It slows down during the year, but there is a ton in the beginning.  READ and EXECUTE on the EMAILS!!!! I spend a ton of time chasing people down, please execute.

Again, congratulations!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

12 Blue
Hudson Wong
Jeremy Pak
Oliver Markley
Matthew Ward
Jagger O’Brien
Connor Workman
Crosby Endaya
Lucas Jordan
Ayden Lolin
Tayden Flores
Jacob Wright
Will Gatley
10 Blue
Jack Green
Jackson Randolph
Avir Humphrey
Noah Jones
Caleb Mooney
Kolton Wardell
Josh Nerny
Casey Armstrong
Matteo Aranibar
Jordan Perez
Rhys Morgenroth
11 Blue
Caleb Fuata
Finn Rowbotham
DJ Ford
Colton Baker
Colton Seibel
Cody Gordon
Luke Damelio
Christopher Moreno
Aiden Keates
Patrick Breslin
Zachary Marinec
Reid Bettencourt
11 Red
Carson Bancroft
Desmond Fischer
Bryce Almada
James Corso
Owen Bittle
Luke Gordon
Mazin Khoury
Joe Biancalana
Jackson Guglielmi
Milo Werner
Weston Labaugh
Klayton Zouzounis
12 Red
Maddox Stone
William Meza
Danny Reyes
Emmit Vergera
Emilio Vergera
Christian Maquinana
Jonah Shin
Colton Godfrey
Luciano Gomez
Luke Grifin
Greyson Riesen
Kyle Leung
Matt McGrory
11 White
Carter Wells
Alex Bayer
Ethan Pimentel
Mateo Almaguer
Aiden Hogan
Jack McDonough
Roman Barrozzo
Jackson Bottani
Colton Kung
Nico Cardenas
Carter Weyer
Mac Connel
10 Red
Jacob Maxwell
Mike Sakal
Dominic Speight
Bryce Thompson
Kaleb Lee
Lucas Solis
Mason Jen
Royce Barrozzo
Mason Lee
Andrew Vendola
Zachary Piccinini
Stephen Gomez
Aiden Fitzpatrick
Mason Lambrechts
Luke Murray
Jack Fee
Cullen Whiley
Jionni Ramirez
Mason Dow
Kekoa Rosenberg
Tommy Falzon
Drew Ketteman
Jameson Stoloski
Gavin Seva