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Plans for 2023 Fall Season

The Federals are currently looking for players in the 9u-12U age groups for the 2023-2024 USSSA season.

As of now, the Feds will have 8 teams total for the 2023 fall season: 9U (1 team), 10U (2 teams), 11U (3 teams), and 12U (2 teams). Age groups with two teams have a Majors level and AAA level rosters. We currently have openings in our 9u-12U age groups,  (ages that players will be in the fall).  Please refer to the USSSA age calculator to determine your player’s  eligibility age as of August 1, 2023.  http://www.usssa.com/baseball/AgeCalculator.

Up Next: Feds Defense Intensive Workouts III

When: Late June through end of July 2023

Where: Hillsdale High School Softball Field

How: Visit westcoastfederals.com/feds-defense-intensive-summer-workouts to register

These workouts/tryouts will be held at the Hillsdale High School softball fields (enter the parking lot on Del Monte St., then proceed down the hill on the right).  Time and dates are not finalized yet. We will offer two to three 2-hour workouts during the week, as well as a Sunday session.  For your convenience: our workouts are flexible — when you sign up, just choose the dates that you can make.

During this time we’ll be training and evaluating players. However, the bulk of our focus will be to vastly improve your player’s game (mostly by sticking to our ‘baseball gospel’).  These workouts are very popular and will sell out. Once we post dates, try to sign up as soon as possible.

Never played travel ball? Not a problem. As long as your player is ready to work, the instruction they receive will be  essential for their growth as a ballplayer. If your child has played travel ball, our camps are perfect for them too — they’ll benefit from top-level coaching and instruction to take their game from good to great. We have been one of the most successful programs in Northern California since 2006. We nurture our talent over the course of multiple seasons. We try not to turn over our rosters. Rather, we prefer to develop.

Consider this a camp first and a tryout second. All ages (8u-12u) are welcome to participate in these sessions.

Visit westcoastfederals.com/feds-defense-intensive-summer-workouts to register.