The West Coast Federals is a competitive youth baseball development program based in San Mateo, California

The West Coast Federals organization was developed in order to provide an affordable option to teaching competitive baseball to players in competitive tournaments.

Baseball played the right way. Baseball played the Feds way.

West Coast Federals baseball is solely about building skilled players and teams with character. The Feds learn respect and love for the game the way it’s supposed to be played. The Feds way. Our players play baseball. Our players play passionate baseball. We respect the game, the umpires, coaches and fellow teammates.

The development of skills is a big part of every player’s journey thanks to a top notch staff of experienced coaches. Multiple coaches are involved in the Federals organization at each age group level. The majority of these coaches have played at the collegiate or pro levels and have managed successful teams and programs for many years. As of now, we will have one team in the 8U, one in the 9U, two-10U, two-11U, three-12U, and two-13U divisions. Each year, our organization looks for players and families that fit into our West Coast Federals system.

If you need to ask us anything, please contact us here: Feds Baseball Questions