Our 2022 Defense Camp is now full.  Please keep an eye on our website for future training events.



Once again we will be holding our Feds Defense Intensive Summer workouts.  The workouts will occur three times a week in the month of July on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  While most camps are advertised as “FUN” the Federals staff has one goal during the camp– To help your child become a better defensive ball player!  I don’t know about you, but I have never had fun when I did not do well at a sport!  Your son’s goal should always be to get better!  In participating in our defensive camp, they will improve! We realize July can be a big vacation month so the camp is set up so your son can make it to as little as one camp date, and as many as all 9!

At the camp, the players will work on the following:

Outfield skills-Fly balls, proper angles, proper fielding in a pressure and non-pressure situation, pre-pitch thought, and much more!

Infield Skills-Proper fielding mechanics, footwork, turning two, run-downs, fast catch, proper tags, pop-up priority, and much more!

Pitcher fielding practice-Covering first base on a ball to the right side, fielding bunts, pick-offs, and much more!

Base running (ya, it’s not defense, but an important part of the game)-Getting leads, getting good jumps, proper base running technique, and much more!

The camp is run in a “station” format whereas players of the same skill level will rotate among the various coaches.


July 3rd  5:00-7:00   THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 5th  6:00-8:00  THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 7th  6:00-8:00  THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 10th 5:00-7:00  THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 12th  6:00-8:00 THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 14th  6:00-8:00  THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 17th  5:00-7:00   THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 19th  6:00-8:00 THIS DAY IS FILLED

July 21st  6:00-8:00  THIS DAY IS FILLED

When we get closer to our camp date, we will send out a spread sheet for you to fill out the dates that your son will be participating.

To register, click BE THE NEXT ALL-STAR

3 Weeks $250
2 Weeks $180
1  Week $95.00
1 Day $50.00
A $15.00 charge for a camp t-shirt is required as well.  We want you looking like a ball player!