Congratulations to those who have been selected to play for the 2021 Feds teams.  As of now, we have finalized our 9U and 10U rosters, as seen below.  Please click here to register:


First names with first few letters of last names:

9U                                                                                                                         10U

Cody Gor Connor Wor
Aiden Kea Tayden Flo
Zachary Mar Matthew Wa
Desmond Fis Jacob Wri
Christopher Mor Christian Maqu
Owen Bit William Me
Finn Row Ayden Lol
Jackson Gug Crosby End
Luke Dam William Gat
Colton Bak Jeremy Pa
Carter Wey Lucas Jor
Jagger O’Br
11U 12U
Brad Pren
Jake McG
Landon Kin
Michael Ohm
Cole Cal
Grayson Cha
Charlie Che
DJ Rui
Dominic Gut
Samson How
Seanan You
Colton Sim